TRULLI HOLIDAY, the alternative to the hotel in Alberobello

Nestled in the magic scenery of Trulli, Trulli Holiday offers the opportunity to stay in historic homes, unique in the world, Unesco World Heritage Site, an alternative to the classic Hotel in Alberobello. Our Trulli are carefully restored and furnished according to tradition without neglecting the comfort and refinement.

Trulli Holiday is happy to welcome you among the Pinnacles and the living stone of Alberobello magical Trulli, a town located in the hills of Valle d'Itria, small and unique, with the helpfulness and hospitality, being a precious trademark of ours.

Thanks to our customers Trulli Holiday is a leader in the rankings of the most important sites devoted to tourism. Upon your arrival you will be greeted by the receptionist, who will give you all the information regarding your holiday, the available services‚Äčand the attractions of the Trulli Capital. The staff will be always willing to give information, answer concerns or desires during your holiday.

Unlike a common Hotel in Alberobello, Trulli Holiday will allow you to stay in Trulli who are ancient buildings, being still able to arousing feelings of excitement and interest in the visitors who come from all over the world to admire them. Our Resort is witness to this authentic beauty, the rich and fascinating history.