Widespread Hotel

The real pleasure of traveling is discovering the life of a place, savoring its culture and tradition. Since 2017 Trulli Holiday has officially been a "widespread hotel", a new model of Italian hospitality that is slowly developing in our country thanks to the ability to enhance old towns without spoiling their true nature, satisfying the needs of a tourism, which cares of environmental sustainability and genuine culture. This model can be defined as a "village hotel" and fosters holidays in small old towns or rural and mountain settlements. The constant diffusion of the "widespread hotel" is mainly due to touristic demand about sustainability and respect for the environment. The historic houses of Alberobello fall in this context; i.e. the famous century-old trulli now symbol of Puglia all over the world.

There are some essential features that accommodation facilities such as Trulli Holiday must own in order to obtain the widespread hotel license:

  • presence of buildings of artistic and architectural interest, just like the trulli
  • presence of certain services such as breakfast
  • this kind of hotel must be made up of several historic houses distant from each other, but with only one management
  • the real widespread hotel does not spoil the landscape. On the contrary, it exploits the pre-existing buildings located in a precise architectural context
  • presence of inhabitants in a number as to allow a direct relationship with tourists and suitable for maintaining one's own culture and sense of social identity. In the case of Trulli Holiday, the historic houses are located in the Aia Piccola district, the most authentic and made up of only trulli (about 400) where it is not possible to find shops or anything like that, but only people who live in real historic trulli.
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